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Services / Virtual Shops

Selling on the Internet. And how to. There are a large number of choices.

Having a virtual shop has moved on from being a way to differentiate yourself from the crowd to being a service which very few companies can afford to do without. And the PYMES (small and medium sized companies) have become the real authors of electronic commerce.


Even so, getting it right depends on the functionality, design, definition of the website, the navigability and usability and the exploitation possible thanks to the effective implementation of Optimization for Search Engines. The success of a virtual shop need not be a problem. Convert it into the consequence of a job well done.




B2B Commerce

Electronic commerce is yet one more utility provided by the Internet which has experienced a huge boom in recent years.  B2B has been fundamentally propelled forwards by the creation of portals designed to group purchasers together.  Companies get together to create these websites joining forces which allows them to do business on better terms.

Some of the advantages of B2B for purchasers are:

  • Opportunity of receiving the highest number of offers
  • De-personalization of the purchase thereby avoiding any possible preferential treatment
  • Reduction of the process: less commercial visits, faster negotiation process, etc. Therefore, purchasers can request a reduction in prices due to the lower management costs.

B2C Commerce

B2C is the abbreviation for the business expression “business to consumer”, i.e., electronic commerce carried out by companies and aimed at consumers.

The success of B2C relies on the secure nature of credit card payment systems, even though in many cases there is the option of paying by other means such as payment on delivery, in cash, or the use of services provided by other companies, such as PayPal.