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Services / Development of Applications

Our mission is to design and develop websites and applications that are agile, eye-catching and self-sustainable in terms of maintenance.

We design and develop applications based on the client/server structure

Some of our applications are:

  • CRM
  • Documentation management
  • Incidence management
  • Business management
  • Project control



Design of applications

We place at your disposal a wide range of applications specialized in the control and management of servers, control and management of remote applications, control and management of portals and e-commerce shops (electronic commerce), control and management of portals, administration of the TPV (secure payment gateways), control and management of statistical systems, etc… as well as the possibility of programming whatever application you need.


Planning and managing the project

The planning of a project must be approached in the correct way so that the end result is successful. It is not about an independent stage which can be tackled at any specific point of the project cycle.

There are two large phases wherein planning plays a leading role.  The first is necessary in order to study and establish the viability of a project, whether internal or external to the organization.  The relevant technical studies must be made, market studies, profitability studies… along with an estimation of the resources required.

The second important planning phase takes place once it has been decided to go ahead with the project.  Now is the time to establish a detailed point-by-point plan.  One of the most serious mistakes in project management is to kick-start the work prematurely, without having devoted due attention to preparation, organization and planning which are essential pre-requisites in order to guarantee the quality and subsequent success of the project.


Development of the application

We develop and programme from zero and in accordance with the requirements, strategies, identity, philosophy and culture of each individual company, minutely studying and analyzing each detail of its requirements and objectives.


Implementation, installation, training and documentation

A solid base is hugely important for the future exploitation of the applications and during this process the following tasks are carried out:

  • Installation by our personnel
  • Training of users
  • Customizing the applications
  • Personalization
  • Support


Maintenance of the applications is a fundamental activity within the technological area of any organization, as its purpose is to generate value for clients by managing their applications environment with the objective of achieving better business results, at lower cost and with less risk.