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Services / Multimedia Design

Multimedia design is the best weapon when it comes to expressing dynamism and interactivity.

Corporate presentations on CD have become an important marketing medium.  They facilitate the creation of an unbeatable visual sensation and include information which due to its weight (in KB) would not make sense on a website.


But a multimedia design consists not only in combining texts, images, sounds, video and animations but, beyond creating a design, in creating a whole experience.  For this reason it is necessary to rely on professionals who are not only experts in the application of latest technologies but who are also great artists of communication.




E-learning platforms

With virtual teaching or E-Learning we have the opportunity of providing educational information in a great variety of formats via a site of restricted or unrestricted access. The main advantage provided by virtual education is the significant reduction in costs for holding courses for the greatest number of participants as opposed to those traditionally held in a classroom, having also the possibility of organizing timetables and study days. This solution facilitates the easy distribution of information, conferences and other information vital to employees, associates and others via the Internet.


Publicity tools

Technological advances are developed dramatically, introducing themselves into our lives and changing our way of relating to and interacting with advertising messages. This reality implies a constant evolution in user consumption habits, with new media taking a greater role: mobile telephony, digital television, videogames, and above all the internet, the medium at the helm of this digital revolution.


CD Presentations

Multimedia presentations can include visual and audio effects which bring an unbeatable dynamism to your presentation, thereby immediately capturing the attention of the user. The use of these elements bears direct repercussions on company image. A good presentation, ordered, coherent with its image and oriented towards its target audience, a quality and practical CD, an Internet animation which fulfills its job without becoming a source of frustration to the user of subjecting him/her to long waits for unnecessary downloads.


Flash animations

Flash animations should be light, attractive, eye-catching but never overly saturated with strokes and lines which distract the attention of the visitor from the main animation. Flash animations are not exclusive to the Internet, eye-catching interactive CD’s and Intranets can be made with them as, thanks to Action Script (Flash programming language) events or actions can be programmed for subsequent execution, achieving a resulting animation which is both sparkling and pleasing to the eye.


Flash games

This content can be used for publicity, sales or also as educational content. We provide for the creation of flash video games for PC, Internet and PDA and mobile platforms


Flash Actionscript Applications

Actionscript programming is one of our star dishes of the day, as is our Flash design and animation service.  A2Systems has developed a number of Flash design projects combined with databases.

We have the most advanced resources in animation and programming, which we place at your disposal for all of your online animation projects:
  • Photography Galleries
  • Virtual Art Galleries
  • Flash animations for web pages
  • Flash presentations
  • Flash and Data Bases
  • ActionScript programming
  • Design and development of games
  • Websites with music and visual effects