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About the Project,, are portals and video-based destination offering an overview of the places shown.

A destination portal that offers a more visual and more graphic than the other portals of destinations. In the current economic scenario, the empowerment of destinations on the Internet is a strategic necessity for the development of the tourism industry of a country.

Visual Web Coast Development Ltd., for more than a year, is geared to the development and design of a new type of tourist sites, which meet the requirements demanded by the new information society in the field of tourism marketing.
Image-based portals, the true global language and the unique ability to add emotional content to the advertising information.

Contains a list of all hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues that you can visit with your information. Intuitive navigation streamlines the search for the desired destinations.


HTML and Development.


CSS, XHTML, Flash, PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX
Portal Visual Coast
Portal Visual Coast
Portal Visual Coast
Portal Visual Coast