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Customer Restaurante ElBulli

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About the Project

Multimedia application that we developed in 2005 and to date we keep implementing new features. It was presented at the Alimentaria 2006. Have also written several articles about it. Shortly be published a new formula to find wines. Roses (Girona)

It required an application that was fully integrated with the business application that manages the stock of wines empresa.Es a game that involves the deconstruction applied to wine. One of the many slang terms used in the kitchen of Ferran Adrià, recently awarded the best restaurant in the world.

elBullivi, a game that breaks the pattern of ancient wine tradition. Through its 12 search fields you have only one goal: to reach 1 form with information resultado.Una wine display on label and the bottle.

An experience enhanced by the possibility of making your reservation online.

Prepared to work on the Intranet of the restaurant on a Tablet PC and the Internet.



Design and Development.



elBullivi Carta de Vinos
elBullivi Carta de Vinos
elBullivi Carta de Vinos